Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why continue Mineral Museum Madness?

The hostile takeover of the mineral museum occurred over two years ago, and the museum was destroyed over a year ago.  Today, the empty building is serving no useful purpose except for holding up the new solar panels. Why continue this blog?

Because the purpose of the blog, as originally stated in the “about me” section (under the rock hammer) is to recover the mineral collection from the AHS and have it reassigned to another agency with appropriate scientific credentials. That could be a state university or the Arizona Geological Survey. The latter option would reunite the collection with the supporting documentation.

Each year, there is an opportunity for legislation to achieve that objective. In 2013, there is an additional, alternate possibility. The AHS has a ten year sunset review, and can perhaps be eliminated. Its original purpose is now redundant to the Arizona State Library. All historic documents now housed by the AHS could be consolidated with others already in the library. Historically significant artifacts could be consolidated with the collection in the Arizona Capitol Museum. Arizona taxpayers would save well over 5 million dollars per year.

How long will the objective of this blog be pursued?

Family history suggests the author may live another twenty years or more.

Postings will probably be much less frequent because there currently appears to be little if any activity involving the Arizona Experience Museum fiasco. However, this blog will continue reporting (as it becomes available) news involving:

  • The Arizona mineral collection
  • The Arizona Experience Museum boondoggle
  • The Arizona History Museum (Rio Salado) boondoggle
  • The Marley Center Museum boondoggle
  • The AHS sunset review

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Arizona centennial mess

The July 16th post described how Arizona centennial planners distributed misinformation shortly before the centennial year. Now, a year later, they will not answer questions about the “centerpiece” of the centennial celebration.  Their silence is effectively perpetuating the Arizona Experience Museum hoax.

As recently as July 23 of this year, the following appeared on the internet:

….. After seeing all of the other Phoenix/Arizona history museums close unexpectedly. Phoenix history is getting harder and harder to find. You really have to work for it now; it is being developed, incorporated, replaced and erased. The massive Arizona Mining Museum near the state capitol has been closed since May of 2011, with plans to reopen in November 2012 as the “Arizona Experience Museum.” The proposed new attraction is slated to celebrate the “5 C’s of Arizona.” For now, the building remains closed.

Indeed, the elephant on Centennial Way (on West Washington Street in Phoenix just east of the State Capitol) that no one will talk about is the big grey hulk of the former mineral museum building.  Because of the centennial mess, fifty thousand school children were deprived of a lifetime learning experience during the past school year. Apparently, another fifty thousand will be so deprived during the coming school year.

Does anyone care?

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