April 2015 update by ABC

 What the AHS destroyed.

A former board member of the Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources tells a reporter about what the Arizona Historical Society destroyed.

Mitigating the AHS disaster: 

ABC15 investigates: Why did Gov. Jan Brewer close Arizona's Mining and Mineral Museum? Feb 13, 2012, Read more:

Monday Apr 18,   KAET 8, Arizona Centennial Museum:  The latest on plans to transform the state's Mining and Mineral Museum into a Centennial Museum

Tuesday April 19,   KAET 8, Mining and Mineral Museum:  As the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum begins its transformation into a Centennial Museum, those affiliated with the mining museum share their concerns about the future of its extensive and valuable mineral collection

Tuesday April 19,  KAET 8, Arizona Geological Survey (The first part of this video continues the discussion on the mineral collection)

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April 19, 2011

  • Arizona Geological Survey  |   Video
    • He recently briefed the Arizona Corporation Commission about earthquake hazards near the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. Lee Allison, state geologist and director of the Arizona Geological Survey, talks about the state’s seismic monitoring network which is due to run out of funding this summer; earth fissures; and what may be a large deposit of a highly sought- after mineral near Holbrook.
 April 19, 2011

April 18, 2011

Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum to Close
Kelsea Wasung
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Supporters hope to save the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum from closing
Sam Pagel