Thursday, October 4, 2012

Clinging to the 5Cs

Prior posts ( ex: 6 / 16 / 2010 ) described the obsolesce and insignificance of the Arizona 5Cs.  This was further demonstrated by a recent guest editorial in the Arizona Republic.

However, the Arizona Historical Society still doesn’t get it. Recently, their website featured an AZ Capital Times article extolling the merits of the 5C model of the Arizona economy. Although acknowledging that the state economy has changed, it still clings to the idea that the 5Cs continue to have meaning. It even claims they will still have significance in the future.

This distorted understanding of Arizona history explains why the AHS botched the “centerpiece” of the Arizona centennial celebration. The concept of the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum was so badly flawed that that even a majority of the 5Cs refused to participate. Still, a major portion of the centennial budget was blown on designs for a museum that was not and will never be built

Arizona deserved better.

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