What you can do.

The information below is now historic. In 2015, the legislature did vote to clean up this mess, and they did so almost unanimously. They very much wanted to give the mineral museum back to the children. Unfortunately, the AHS used lobbyists and other political commendations to secure the Governor Ducey's veto.  The did this after the end of the 2015 session so that the  Legislature could not override the veto. So, there is now one thing you can do to make a difference:

Contact Governor Ducey and ask him to please let the children have their museum back.


The  Arizona Legislature made this mess, and they are going to have to fix it.  Now that the Arizona Centennial Museum fiasco is apparent to everyone, perhaps they will eventually do so.  Concerned citizens should contact their State senators and representatives.  They should also encourage Arizona news media to further explore this senseless AHS attack on history and education.

Update Mar 2015

The Arizona Senate passed SB1200 to restore the mineral museum and its K-12 education programs.  Arizona residents now need to contact their Arizona House representatives and their new Governor requesting support for SB1200. Contact information is available on https://az.gov/government/arizona-government#section1

The text below is historical and no longer applicable. It was posted when the blog began shortly after the Arizona legislature foolishly passed the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum bill in 2010:

As explained by the various blog posts, the attack on the mineral museum was planned and executed by our elected representatives.  That includes the House, Senate, and Governor.  Therefore, asking them to fix the mess they made is not likely to be productive.

At this time, the only apparent potential course of action is to voice opposition to the Arizona Centennial Museum.  Currently, construction is not funded.  Private industry will supposedly provide funding, but that has not happened yet.

Contact the companies currently supporting the Arizona Centennial Commission and ask them to be sure none of their funds are being used for the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum. In particular, contact:

Arizona Republic
PO Box 2244
Phoenix, Arizona 85002
602 444 8000
602 444 8933 fax

Freeport McMoran Copper and Gold, Inc.
333 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Switchboard 602 366 8100
Community Relations: 1 602 366 8116  or 1 800 528 1182 extension 8116

Other supporters are  identified on www.az100years.org   Addresses for some of those are listed on the Sep 16th and Sep 18th (2011) blog posts. Some, such as PetSmart and Discount Tire, depend on retail customers for their existence. Let them know you are not happy.

Spread the word about the threat to the mineral museum and it’s  K-12 education programs.  Encourage news media to cover the story.

It may also help to voice opposition to the Arizona Historical Society.  The historical society depends almost entirely on tax dollars for their budget, and might be influenced by public opinion.

Arizona Historical Society
949 E. 2nd Street
Tucson, AZ 85719

Finally, express concern to the members of the Arizona Centennial Commission.


Established by Executive Order 2008-24 of the Governor, the Arizona Centennial Commission (AzCC) was
created to execute a comprehensive plan to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Arizona’s statehood and to coordinate national, regional, state, and local observances of the Centennial. AzCC members represent a broad cross-section of Arizona communities and interests, including business, cultural, tribal and political leaders.

The AzCC, through its non-profit arm, the Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation, will organize a high
concentration of Centennial Signature Projects, Signature Events and promotions to take place between
September 2011 and February 2012. Additionally, the Commission will sanction community-generated “Official Centennial Events” taking place between February 2011 and December 2012.

The Honorable Bruce Babbitt
The Honorable Raul Castro
The Honorable Jane Dee Hull
The Honorable Jon Kyl
The Honorable Rose Mofford
The Honorable Janet Napolitano
The Honorable Fife Symington

The Honorable Janice K. Brewer
State of Arizona

The Honorable Charles E. Jones
Retired Chief Justice
Arizona Supreme Court

The Honorable Kirk Adams
Arizona State House of

Lynn Peters Adler
National Centenarian Awareness

Paul Allvin
Vice President, Marketing and
Make-A-Wish Foundation of

Jim Babbitt
Babbitt's Mercantile, Inc.

Renee Bahl
Executive Director
Arizona State Parks

Frank Barrios
Community Leader

The Honorable Ken Bennett
Secretary of State
State of Arizona

Robert Booker
Executive Director
Arizona Commission on the Arts

Will Bruder
Will Bruder + Partners LTD

The Honorable Robert Burns
Arizona State Senate

Don Cardon
Arizona Department of

Thomas Chapman
Community Leader

Doug Cole
Senior Vice President Government

Michael Crowe
Arizona State University

The Honorable John Driggs
Former Mayor
City of Phoenix

Phil Francis
Chairman and CEO
PetSmart, Inc.

The Honorable Jorge Luis
Minority Leader
Arizona State Senate

The Honorable Terry Goddard
Attorney General
State of Arizona

The Honorable Phil Gordon
City of Phoenix

John Haeger, Ph.D.
Northern Arizona University

Jody Harwood
Vice President & Managing Director
Grace Hospitality

The Honorable Jeff Hatch-Miller
Executive Director
Arizona Lottery

Lisa Schnebly Heidinger
Author and Writer

Sherry Henry
Arizona Office of Tourism

Win Holden
Arizona Highways Magazine

Lisa Lovallo
VP & System Manager
Tucson/Southern AZ
Cox Communications

The Honorable David Lujan
Minority Leader
Arizona State House of

Paul Luna
President and CEO
Helios Foundation

Vada O. Manager
Manager Global Consulting
Group, LLC

Bill Post
Community Leader
The Honorable Sara Presler
City of Flagstaff

Devin Rankin
Finance Consultant
Rankin Consulting LLC

Steve Roman
FirstStrategic Communications
and Public Affairs

Robert Shelton, Ph.D.
University of Arizona

Bruce Skinner
President & CEO
Bruce Skinner and Associates

Marshall Trimble
Arizona's Official State Historian
Scottsdale Community College

Marty Shultz
Vice President, Government Affairs

Richard Silverman
General Manager
Salt River Project

Mark Stanton
Deputy Director
Arizona Office of Tourism

The Honorable Robert Walkup
City of Tucson

GladysAnn Wells
Arizona State Library, Archives,
& Public Records

Lyn Harry White
Manager of State and Local
Government Relations
Freeport McMoRan

Anne Woosley
Executive Director
Arizona Historical Society

Sue Yale
Interim Executive Director
Arizona Humanities Council

John Zidich
The Arizona Republic

Mary Ellen Simonson
Lewis and Roca

Karen Churchard

Mandi Wimmer
Deputy Director

Anbar Ahmed
Projects Coordinator

Carmen Ronan
Projects Coordinator

Public awareness and a public outcry in the media are necessary to save the mineral museum.  Our elected representatives will respond only if challenged in the court of public opinion.