Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ignoring the law?

Prior posts reported  how the AHS has been disposing of displays and cases from the mineral museum. Now, minerals have appeared on eBay.  Current eBay item 201153994795 is offering two pallets of packaged minerals weighing 1400 pounds from the mineral museum. The title of the ad is “ARIZONA MINERAL MUSEUM COLLECTION 2 PALLETS 1,400 POUNDS”, and the text says a list of the minerals and photos is available at

The law governing mineral museum assets (ARS 41-827) says that the AHS “shall not sell or otherwise dispose of material from the centennial museum or mineral museum”.

The AHS had two representatives at the table when the text of the law was drafted in Senate offices in 2010. The AHS cannot credibly claim to be unaware of the law.