Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The letter Arizona's Secretary of State will not answer

Secretary of State Ken Bennett
Capitol Executive Tower
1700 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ  85007-2888

Dear Secretary Bennett,

Your resume shows that, in 2007, you received the Polly Rosenbaum Award for your support in preserving Arizona history and ensuring access to state information and records.

Ironically, your current support for the Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation is diminishing Polly Rosenbaum’s legacy and threatening public access to certain state records.  One of Polly’s prized achievements was establishing the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum in the Polly Rosenbaum building.  In 2004, the Legislature recognized that with House Concurrent Resolution 2042. It shows that the Polly Rosenbaum building was to be the ‘permanent home” for the mineral museum.

The Centennial 2012 Foundation’s number one “signature project” replaces Polly’s prized accomplishment with a 5C Arizona Centennial Museum featuring cows and cotton.  Polly would have been horrified to see that happen.

The elimination of Polly’s mineral museum will do considerable damage to Arizona’s future. The mining industry, geological research, and K-12 science education will all be adversely affected.

Please review the Foundation’s “signature project” and reconsider you support for the Foundation.  You website and the Foundation website both show that you are currently an active supporter.

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