Saturday, December 3, 2011

Centennial Museum Schedule Kaput

Sep 23, 2011 AHS Board Minutes: Executive Director’s Report

Woosley commented that since the last meeting, much time has been devoted to the Arizona Experience Museum project. Phase one is complete, which includes the architectural schematic and exhibit design. The build-out cost has been provided by WRL Architects, Mortenson Construction, and Gallagher & Associates. She reminded the board that the leadership for this project is in close collaboration with the Governor’s office. In 2010, AHS was legislatively mandated to take responsibility for the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum and create what is now called the Arizona Experience Museum. Woosley commented that the Governor is highly supportive of this project but given the economic environment, required planning, and construction schedule, the project will not be completed in 2012. The Governor has stated that the Arizona Experience Museum will be a legacy of her term in office. Woosley said Kevin Kinsall, the Governor’s Natural Resources Advisor, is now the official policy advisor for AHS. She explained that although the bricks and mortar museum would not open in 2012, the AHS on-line learning center called “Arizona Experience” will be introduced. Staff is working on a variety of ways to provide on-line educational programming. The February 14 Centennial celebration presentation will unveil this project to the public. The content follows the exhibit design of the Arizona Experience Museum and, in addition to being fun and dynamic, will meet educational state standards. There is already new material on the AHS website that includes an historical component. Additional museum exhibition themes, that are expected to be available on-line in February, include mining/geosciences; solar; and water/natural resources. Woosley said staff is working with a team including Kevin Kinsall, educators, and others. A suite of on-line educational programming will continue to be developed throughout 2012. Discussion followed.

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