Friday, March 23, 2012

Arizona Centennial Conference to discuss Arizona Experience Museum fiasco

The Arizona Centennial Conference is being held at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix on April 18, 2012 through April 22, 2012. According to the agenda (

Featured are more than 54 presentations by locally and nationally recognized speakers on topics pertaining to Arizona’s rich history. On-site and off-site personal development workshops, poster sessions, historic tours and a dedicated exhibit area for vendors are included.  ---- and the Museum Association of Arizona’s annual meeting and award luncheon is held in addition to the Governor’s Award for Historical Preservation.

The agenda shows one session of particular interest:

ONE SIZE DOESN'T FIT ALL: A PRESERVATION BALANCING ACT, Dennis Barrie and Matthew Jennings, Westlake Reed Leskosky.

The restoration and adaptive reuse of three museums present a broad array of preservation issues and offer insights into the give and take between economics and authenticity, restoration, technology and sustainability. The projects include Tovrea Castle house museum and gardens in Phoenix; The Arizona Experience museum celebrating the state's 2012 centennial and beyond; and the Mob Museum in Las Vegas.

Exactly how will Barrie and Jennings present the Arizona Experience Museum? Nothing was preserved, nothing was restored, and nothing was even reused.

However, a top rated piece of Arizona’s unique mining heritage, dating back to 1884, was destroyed.


  1. Hopefully the Westlake group will honestly describe the unbelievable mess Arizona had for its Centennial because of the Arizona Experience Museum project. Westlake and Gallagher were brought to Phoenix by the Historical Society, and the failed Rio Nuevo project. Gallagher and Westlake were paid; they had contracts, and now there is only $250,000 left. This failure is not theirs, but rather due to the faulty planning and fund-raising failure of the Governor, the AHS, and the Centennial Foundation. The contracts were clearly premature. Now Arizona has plans for two museums and an empty historical building with a destroyed historical science museum. Even AHS admits to the severe financial issue and doesn't know when (or if) it will open. Donating to the state is not popular! I can't wait to hear this presentation.

  2. Well I got this bird trinket from the Arizona mining and mineral museum and it has quite a few different color minerals in them. Certain minerals are supposed to have things like healing powers and all that and I was wondering what different minerals are in that bird trinket and if you can what kind of powers do they posess?? Thanks in advance.