Sunday, April 8, 2012

Further subsidy for the Arizona Historical Society

In spite of a resume of failed projects, the Arizona Legislature continues to divert tax dollars to the Arizona Historical Society.  Some are clearly visible, such as those in the multimillion dollar annual budget appropriations. Some are hidden, such as proceeds from the sale of centennial license plates. An accountant would have difficulty determining the total tax burden caused by the AHS.

The latest indirect subsidy is partial relief from rent for state owned buildings.  Twelve members of the Joint Committee on Capitol Review voted to grant the AHS a partial rent exemption of $44,400.

Following budget cuts in 2010, the Legislature refused to do the same for the then top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum and its K -12 science education programs. That precipitated the eventual demise of the mineral museum.

State of Arizona
Minutes of the Joint Committee on Capital Review
Tuesday, March 27, 2012
8:00 AM, House Hearing Room 4

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  1. None of us should be surprised at anything the legislature does over rent. The rent system under the Dept. of Admin. makes no sense, and they have yet to give a clear explanation of how it works. Some have actually admitted that it makes no sense. However, it allows our government to manipulate and show favoritism under the cover of confusion.