Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Arizona Historical Society Performance Review Aviods Mineral Museum Mess

The Arizona Auditor General has completed the Performance Audit and Sunset Review Report for the Arizona Historical Society.  The report is available online at: http://www.azauditor.gov/Reports/State_Agencies/Agencies/Historical_Society/Performance/13-13/13-13_Report.pdf

The mineral museum mess is briefly summarized on pages 35 through 37 of the report. The report asks no questions and draws no conclusions about AHS involvement in this mess. Incredibly, the review does not even address the most pertinent and obvious question: Why was the historic and successful Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum closed?

Are taxpayers supporting two (AHS and Auditor General) dysfunctional agencies?

Performance Audit and Sunset Review
Arizona Historical Society
September 2013
State of Arizona Office of the Auditor General
Report No. 13-13


  1. Seems like AHS has money problem issues on many fronts. The gamut runs from problems raising money to correctly depositing money in the state bank vault. Money seems to disappear very easily once someone touches it in their agency.

  2. The Auditor General Report does not even mention the $1,400,000 wasted on the Rio Nuevo Project. The entire boondoggle costs the taxpayers of Arizona $230,000,000 and Tucson has almost nothing to show for it.
    The AG Report also shows how few people actually go through the AHS Museums. Some of the museums have as few as 1,200 people a year going through them. The AHS main museum in Tucson has only about 11,000 a year in attendance. Pathetic and tragic.

  3. The Arizona Historical Society (Bill Ponder) was asked by the Az. legislators how much money they would make if the AHS charged admissions charges for all their museums. he had no idea so he made up a number.
    The attendance dropped by about 90% for several museums and 2/3 in others. It has never recovered. If a museum (The Director and Board of Directors) can't raise money then why expect to get the funds from the public. They have voted with their feet. The attendance figures are unbelievable.

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  5. With a report like this why is Ann Woosley still there? And why does the Board of Directors not seem to care. They are part of the problem!

  6. I worked for AHS for 13 years and I never saw a more corrupt, badly-run institution in my life. Why Woosley is still there is a huge mystery. Please, someone ask her how her friend recently got the director's position at AHS Flagstaff without the job announcement going public. Ask her why the Wallace and Ladmo sets at AHS Tempe were left to deteriorate, now nearly destroyed. Ask her about the directors who were let go because of fiscal irresponsibility (i.e. theft).