Monday, February 24, 2014

Cocktails instead of education?

The following appeared in the last meeting minutes of the Mining Foundation of the South West (MFSW):

Below are some of the main points of the brief presentation:

 Senator Edward Ableser introduced legislature again to reopen Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum.
AHS is currently engaged in a major capital campaign and is re-provisioning its mineral exhibits.
AHS will open a natural history exhibit of several state’s rocks and minerals at the museum at Papago Park in Tempe in April.
The Bullion Plaza Cultural Center & Museum in Miami has undergone some wonderful changes. Basement has been remodeled to house a mineral display in a mine-like setting while the main floor features mining artifacts, cowboy memorabilia and ceramic exhibits.
MFSW has yet to finalize plans to reconfigure the current exhibit to include an interactive kiosk at the Tucson location.

Informal input suggests the "major capital campaign"  is trying to raise $10 million from wealthy Phoenix families to convert the old mineral museum building into a venue for "activities". Does that mean that it's most prominently displayed feature would be a cocktail bar, just like the AHS museum in Tempe?

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