Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Legislature inviting the Arizona Historical Society to ask for more funding?

The October 1, 2013 post was a copy of a letter sent to the Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee. It summarized problems with the AHS that were ignored in a recent Auditor Generals performance review.
Rather than addressing any of those issues, the JBLC appears to be more interested in further fattening the AHS budget.  The following appears at the bottom of the last page of the current JBLC proposed budget:

Arizona Historical Society
Adds footnote requiring the Society and Arizona Department of Administration to submit joint report to JLBC by Nov. 28, 2014 on options for use of the now-vacant Mining and Mineral Museum.

Why the presumption that the currently vacant Polly Rosenbaum building (former mineral museum) should become another AHS facility?

Why the apparent interest in increasing the budget of an inefficient, ineffective, and nonessential government agency?

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