Friday, January 2, 2015

Barbarians closed the museum?

The following letter appeared in the Friday, January 2, 2015 Arizona Republic (page 17).

Your recent review of Gov. Jan Brewer’s tenure in office failed to mention her destructive, senseless act of closing down Phoenix’s wonderful Mining and Mineral Museum.
Her plans for replacing it with a museum of Arizona’s “5Cs” never attracted adequate funding, and there was no good reason for closing an important educational facility and tourist attraction. Only barbarians destroy museums. (Barbara Lesko, Gold Canyon )


  1. Only Dr. Ann Woosley director of AHS did this. Her Board of Directors did not order it (she works for them?!) And the Governor of Arizona did not order her to do it.
    So why? Probably to try to save further budget cuts? Dr. Woosley has proven she cannot raise any money. And her assistant Bill Ponder lacks the spine to tell her the truth.

  2. If any other agency of the State of Arizona took over a building which serve the public good and destroyed it's programs and then never did anything to the building all while spending some amount of taxpayers money the Governor would make sure heads would roll!
    If that agency was the Depy of Public Safety, or Economic Security then a lot of people would be very interested. But because it's the Arizona Historical Society nobody cares. It has always been that way.
    The AHS in Tucson is completely hidden by the University of Arizona. The AHS building cannot be seen! That coupled by the fact that there is no public relations coming from the agency, no public exposure and the director and Board of Directors cannot raise funds if their lives depended on it means the agency is a failure.
    I didn't even have to mention the $1,400,000 wasted on the Rio Nuevo Boondoggle the the AHS was part of. That was all because of Ann Woosley.
    The AHS Board has never voted for these measures. It's about time the AHS Board fires Woosley/ Hopefully before the Governor does it for them.