Monday, February 16, 2015

Education or Entertainment?

This blog has, for nearly the past 5 years, been documenting the senseless destruction of the mineral museum and the K-12 education problems. Now, the AHS is continuing to present alternate uses of the building to the State Legislature. The minutes of the January 9, 2015 AHS state board of directors meeting (lines 44 through 82) show that the AHS has now made four recommendations for the future use of the now empty building.

Combined office and display space
A modern museum
A space for receptions and special events
Leave empty as is

The minutes go on to say that the AHS preferred use is a place for “meeting’s, receptions, special events, and other civic related opportunities” ( Cocktail bar like at the Marley Center Museum?)

The building has now been standing empty for almost four years as multiple, prior AHS projects failed.  The obvious (and most economical) use for the building is to restore the once top rated mineral museum and the K-12 science education programs.

Why can’t the kids have their museum back?

Why is letting it stand empty better than letting the kids have it again?

Is the AHS going on beyond madness?

Is this meanness?



    Can you tell us what we can do to help this bill get passed? It appears it was passed by the AZ Senate... now what? Where do I need to be to show support for this bill? Who do I need to write letters to?

  2. SB1200 was passed by a senate committee by a 5 to 0 vote. Next, the entire senate will vote on it. If they pass it, the bill then goes to the house for a vote.

    Museum supporters need to contact their state senators and representatives requesting support for SB1200. Names and contact information is available at

  3. Who thought up those four AHS "options" for the building? Whoever thought those up must have spent an entire nanosecond on that.