Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Arizona mineral collection at risk?

On July 28th, someone posted a comment under the July17th blog post claiming that the AHS museum in Tempe has no operable security system and has not had one for over a year.  If true, this provided another example of gross incompetence on the part of the AHS.

The mineral collection has irreplaceable scientific value.  It also has very high monetary value becasue it includes high quality and rare specimens that are pursued by wealthy collectors worldwide. An unsecured mineral collection with a market value in the millions is a very tempting target for thieves.

When SB1200 was being debated, the AHS claimed minerals were better protected in Tempe becasue some were rain damaged in the old mineral museum.  If the AHS indeed permitted the collection to be exposed to roof leaks while the mineral museum was closed and unattended under their control, that is a minor risk compared to the risk of theft. If any items were so exposed, they could have been easily tarped or moved.

The mineral museum always had (at least until the AHS closed it) a functioning security system, and the state collection was protected by the Capitol Police.

Has the AHS actually been moving very valuable mineral specimens from a highly secure area to a location with no security?


  1. It is about time that the state of AZ takes action to verify exactly where AHS has placed all of the valuable minerals across the state, and how they are assuring their security in each location. Way back during the Centennial fiasco, the need to keep the State Mineral Collection intact and in a secure place was raised. The Centennial Foundation assured us that this would happen and lauded the legislation that kept the MMM in the Phoenix building to be shared with the 5 C's Museum. Well, it didn't happen, and separating the collection automatically increases the risk and makes security much more difficult. There's no way AHS can argue that separating the mineral collcetion was a big success--attendance at AHS Museums has declined, not increased! And the scientific value and use has been decreased! Are we sure that all of the minerals are in one of the AHS state museums, not in other community museums.?

    1. Of course the attendance has declined! It has for all of the AHS museums. What would you expect? This is not how a State of Arizona agency is supposed to conduct it's affairs/
      Somebody please fire Ann Woosley. Dr. Woosley if you are reading this please retire or leave and take the worthless Bill Ponder with you. He knows what you are doing is immoral and stupid but lacks the spine to tell you what is right.

    2. When is the AHS Board of Directors going to do something? Are they afraid? And what are they afraid of? They can't be afraid of Dr. Woosley? She does not raise any money. She runs museums that nobody goes into. She has no public exposure.
      name more than four lectures she has done outside the AHS building? I dare anybody to list those. Maybe the Governor should ask that question.

    3. We know what the AHS Board thinks of Woosley. I wonder what the AHS staff thinks of her. Like REALLY thinks of her record and actions and her as a professional? There should be a few loyal to her--but that happens in all jobs. And everybody in the building knows who they are.
      After all, the reputation of the agency is at stake and those employees work there. I wonder what they think?

  2. Ask these same questions of the Az Dept of Library and Archives, Az State Parks (they run museums too), Arizona State Museum, any National Parks facility in Arizona?
    You don't see them trying to create some balony Centennial Museum, Arizona Experience Museum,5 "C"'s museum, give their facility to the 48 Women's Group and now turn it into a Lobbyists Playground or waste $1,400,000 in the Rio Nuevo Boondoggle?
    Those other organizations know their role and function and carry out their jobs well.
    A lesson that Dr. Ann Woosley needs to learn. But it's too late.

  3. Dr. Woosley never inspired or lead her employees. She fired or demeaned the experienced staff who had been there. She brought on other staff who (she found out to her chagrin) could not do the the job. She makes horrible choices in hiring staff. That translates into staff who do not respect her. Ask any staff member. (Secretly though).
    But her performance lacks also. How much funding has she raised? Just that one question alone should guide the Governor and her do-nothing Board.
    The attendance figures alone should get her fired.