Monday, September 28, 2015

More on UA

When this blog began in 2010, the stated objective was "reassigning the Arizona mineral collection from the Arizona Historical Society back to an entity with appropriate scientific credentials".  Certainly, the UA meets that criteria.

Initial opposition to the UA option (on this blog) was based on preliminary information stating that the AHS would remain in  control  of the mineral collection and it would simply be displayed in Tucson in conjunction with the UA. Such an arrangement would be completely unsatisfactory and even illegal.

Subsequent information suggests there may be legislation to transfer the mineral collection from the AHS to the UA via revised state statutes. Such a solution would be resisted by those who prefer to reopen the mineral musuem in Phoenix, but it does meet the objectives of this blog as stated in 2010.


  1. Just make sure the Ann Woosley and AHS has nothing to do with this operation. Woosley is searching for a Geology Curator to run this.
    Would you want anyone hired ny Ann Woosley or Bill Ponder? What will happen to that curator after the U of A takes over?

  2. What exactly is being planned and by whom in Tucson is clearly only in the early planning stages and confusion reigns. However, there seems to be a consistent attitude of everything in Tucson first, and then something later for the displaced MMM in Phoenix? Why? The Phoenix students and teachers have waited 4 years and the Tucson first approach gets them many more years. If the Uof A gets the collection, what will become of all of the other displays and materials that were also removed from the MMM by AHS? (They failed to do an inventory when the doors were abruptly slammed and everything removed!)

  3. Given Woosleys and Ponders ability to hire and keep good employees good luck with that.

  4. If the U of A ia considering an alliance on ths why is the AHS looking for a Curator for it's mineral collection/Natural History Collection? Wouldn't that person loose their job if the U of A takes over in the near future? I would hope that all applicants would figure that out.
    After all the last curator is now working for an insurance company in a call center.

  5. The good news is that the legislature will make the decision! The MMM almost made a comeback last year with tremendous legislative support. Both possibilities will have to be discussed--the issue is finding an approach that returns the mineral collection to scientific control and reopens the MMM asap--the kids and teachers have waited for 4 years already.