Friday, April 15, 2016

Another real student unhappy with Marshall Trimble

On April 12th, someone posted a comment on the April 9th blog post. It asserted that the letters from students on the April 9th post are fake. They are not, and anyone who doubts it is invited to East Valley Academy to meet the children who wrote them. Another letter from Gabriel follows:

Dear Mr. Trimble,

My same is Gabriel and I’m a sixth grader at East Valley Academy .  I moved to Phoenix from Canada in 2009.  My family took me to the AZ Mining and Mineral Museum before I came to this school and I remember it well even though I was young.  It was the neatest thing I saw in a long time.  My favorite exhibits were the fluorescent rocks, the fossils, the meteorite. the huge quartz crystal from Brazil , and the “rock” food.  It’s a bad thing that school kids in Arizona haven’t been able to see this great museum since 2010.  My teacher gives us an interesting unit on earth science but not all kids in Arizona are lucky enough to see all this cool stuff.  My teacher got most of her collection from the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum .  Please bring this museum back!

The AHS does not seem to realize how many hundreds of thousands of students and teachers it has offended by the senseless closure of the top rated mineral museum. Those students will never be AHS members.  They won't want to have their tax dollars given to the AHS either. The longer the AHS resists restoration of the mineral museum, the more it threatens its future existence.

note: the author of this blog believes that the AHS abruptly closed the mineral museum ahead of schedule in 2011 because of thousands of letters that children were sending to Governor Brewer and the AHS begging that it be kept open. If so, it was the meanest thing any state agency ever did.


  1. It was good to hear from Gabriel and all of the others. These students are not just advocating for themselves, but for all of their fellow students. Good going kids!

  2. Dr. Ann Woosley must have a lot of sleepless nights knowing that Mr. Trimble is the AHS Board President.

  3. Dr. Woosley started this mess with Mineral Museum and now she has Mr. Trimble as the Board President. She deserves whatever happens to the AHS. The only thing she has going for her is that the Board is too stupid or lazy to do anything about this mess. I suggest all the readers of this blog to Google Board of Directors Arizona Historical Society and read the minutes of their meetings. You will soon see that they are clueless and too distracted with items on their agendas that don't mean anything. Boards are suppose to raise money or public awareness of the museum.
    Please go and read the minutes. You will then understand.

  4. Boards of Directors must oversee the agency and staff. They have the ultimate responsibility and need to approve the actions and decisions of their agency. That's what the term
    "director" means.

    Unfortunately for the 40,000 students a year who visited the MMM,the Board of Directors wasn't told of the plan to get rid of them and take the building and its contents. Once it happened without their approval, they simply went along with it. Hopefully things will finally change--the AHS Board will now have State appointed directors to help this agency comply with their statutes. Six have just been appointed. However, with Trimble as the President, given his recent diatribe on TV with gross information and proclamations of no problems, these new public servants have their work cut out for them.