Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Independent verification

Various prior posts have proven, with ample references, that the current Arizona Historical Society has corrupted its history and celebrated its 150th anniversary 20 years too soon.  The following text provides independent verification of this conclusion.

An article by Al Bates, referenced below, opens as follows:

Contrary to popular belief, the Arizona Historical Society as incorporated by the first territorial legislature did exist, although briefly.1 It was organized in Prescott and officers were elected in November 1864. Its existence ended two years later when it merged with a rival organization which itself had but a brief life.

Endnote number 1 then reads as follows:

1 Today’s Arizona Historical Society was founded in Tucson in 1884 (at the instigation of Charles D. Poston and Sam Hughes) as the Society of Arizona Pioneers. ... In 1897 the Society of Arizona Pioneer’s name was changed to the Arizona Pioneers Historical Society, and in 1971 it became known as the Arizona Historical Society.

The conclusion is irrefutable: there is no historical connection between the first and second Arizona Historical Societies. The current AHS was not founded in 1864 by the Territorial Legislature as it claims on its website and literature.


Bates, Al, Arizona Territory’s Earliest Historical Societies, Prescott Corral, Territorial Times, Issue # 15, Vol. III #1. Spring 2015, pp 27-30 (http://www.prescottcorral.org/TT15/index.htm)


  1. Stuff like this has got to kill what morale is left for the staff at the Arizona Historical Society. Their Phd. Director Ann Woosley needs a class in research methods. Or a class from the State on Ethics.

  2. And Dr. Ann Woosley, Director of the AHS who makes $120,000 a year makes this lie happen? When will the AHS Board make her show her proof?

  3. Who really cares?
    How does this prove anything about reopening the MMM?

    1. It is relevant because it proves that the AHS is not capable of preserving history, not even its own. Therefore, to surely not qualified to manage a science museum.

    2. Who cares? You fool! The taxpayers care. It shows that the director of the AHS is a liar or warping their own history for some reason.
      The AHS has no reason to collect minerals and rocks. Their job is historical artifacts and archives and photos. If had ever been there you would know that. Maybe some day you should ask to get a tour of their collections.
      Maybe on that tour you could ask the director why she destroyed a pre-existing museum and has nothing to show to replace it? You will be able to find the director very easily. She never leaves her office.
      You also answered your own question. Who cares? There are so few people visiting the AHS Museums that nobody cares. When you make that tour of the AHS Museum you just may notice that you would probably be the only visitor.

    3. Your comment proves that you have no interest in making the AHS a better museum. And a State agency that has honor. You clearly don't have any. "Who really cares?" You certainly have no clue.

    4. Who cares? Maybe you should check the very low attendance at the AHS Phoenix location. What was it? 3,000 visitors? And that probably includes the rentals and birthday parties and weddings?
      3,000 visitors for a facility that size in a valley of over 4,000,000 is criminal.

  4. And this Woosley character has a Doctorate in history? Funny.

  5. How can one state employee who runs a small agency cause so much trouble? Changing founding dates of an old state agency/cultural institution as well as closing another museum they have no business becoming involved with and having no attendance at their facilities. When does this madness end. Wake up Board of Directors.