Friday, September 10, 2010

Governor Brewer to spend $7,000,000 on an uneeded sidewalk

Governor Brewer is co-chairman of the Arizona Centennial Commission. That commission is collaborating with the City of Phoenix to give West Washington Street a “face lift”. Said face lift will include trees, shaded bus stops and widened sidewalks. Phoenix is putting in a whopping $400,000 (5%). The balance of the 7.2 million dollars is Federal transportation money probably borrowed from overseas.

Just how will that money improve transportation? There could be cannon fire on West Washington from 7th Ave. to the Capitol any day of the week and no one would be hurt. The only people on the sidewalks are a few winos and they are sleeping off last nights binge.

What is the apparent “logic” behind this nonsense? Arizona’s first governor walked down West Washington to the Capitol when he took office after Arizona acquired statehood. That was supposedly Arizona’s first parade. Apparently Governor Brewer and her cronies plan to reenact this parade on a “face-lifted” Washington Street on the Centennial. Never mind that this street has fallen into decay over the last hundred years and the 7.2 million dollar expenditure will be absolutely worthless the day after the parade.

Some suspect that this parade is also motivating the Governors attack on the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum at 1502 West Washington (see original post on this blog). She probably doesn’t want to walk past all that junk currently on display around the building. Never mind that the junk consists of priceless historical mining artifacts that have been restored with tens of thousands of volunteer hours. Trash it to make pretty for a reenactment of Governor Hunts first parade.

When Governor Hunt's wife died he had her buried on a Papago Park hilltop in a 20-foot-tall pyramid faced with white bathroom tile. Hunt was buried there three years later.

How many millions is Brewers pyramid going to cost us?


Phoenix’s Washington Street will receive centennial face-lift

Lynh Bui

The Arizona Republic

Sep. 9, 2010

Governor Hunt’s Pyramid Tomb

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