Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is Governor Brewer not a team player?

Planning for the Arizona Centennial was begun by Governor Napolitano. Many worthy projects were identified by the Arizona Centennial Commission, but funding dried up as the economy collapsed. When Governor Brewer took office the fund raising situation (as reported by the Centennial Commission) looked bleak.

When Governor Brewer became governor, she also became the co-chairman of the Arizona Centennial Commission. She could have applied her leadership position to champion worthy projects already planned. However, that is not what she did.

Sometime during mid 2009, she hatched her own pet centennial project. She envisioned a new museum on the Capitol Mall based on, of all things, cotton, citrus, copper, cattle and climate (5C Arizona Centennial Museum). She decided she would place her new museum in the building currently occupied by the top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum at 1502 West Washington.

Apparently she corralled 5 members from the respective industries to participate in secret planning meetings. The names of those individuals are not yet known, but they are apparently expected to somehow come up with 9 million dollars for the Governors museum.

Governor Brewer’s action places her in direct completion with the Arizona Centennial Commission that she chairs. She is trying to extract private funds for her lately conceived project when the already planned projects are not funded. In particular, she is competing with a previously planned project championed by John Driggs that would restore and improve the State Capitol building.

What would the people of Arizona must enjoy during the centennial celebration; a restored and enhanced State Capitol building or a new museum with cotton and cows at 1502 West Washington?

Is Governor Brewer diminishing Arizona’s Centennial by independently pushing her own pet project?

Who has the authority to remove Governor Brewer from the Arizona Centennial Commission?


Fund raising at a standstill for Arizona's Centennial

By NAZ Today on May 25, 2009

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