Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Arizona Historical Society Meeting

The Arizona Historical Society has absorbed the Arizona Mineral and Mining Museum. Although the mineral museum remains open as of this date, its future looks bleak.

The AHS normal monthly Board of Directors meeting is being held in Tempe in November rather than in Tucson. This is because it is scheduled in conjunction with the annual membership meeeting. The following is on the board meeting agenda:

Call to the Public – Consideration and discussion of comments from the public. Those wishing to address the Board need not request permission in advance. Presentations will be limited to five minutes.

The meeting will be held on Saturday, November 6. The member ship meeting begins at 8:30 and the board meeting begins at 9:30. The meetings are being held at 1300 N. College Ave in Tempe. Details are available at www.arizonahistoricalsociety.org


  1. ALL of the Mining Museum Volunteers need to be at the AHS Annual meeting ALL of them. If they value all of the work they have done they need to be there. The Governor and dont forget the Director of AHS is just as bad. They need to feel your displeasure. GO to the meeting. And call a couple of reporters. These are tax supported facilities.
    All for a party house.

  2. The active volunteers themselves are not in a position to do that effectively. They are currently trying to protect the mineral collection and the earth science education programs as best they can. If they antagonize the AHS leadership and get thrown out of the museum, things will be even worse.

    Hopefully some mineral museum supporters (with lots of patience) who do not have a presence at the mineral museum will go to the AHS meeting and try to persuade their members that AHS leaders are engaged in activity that will be very damaging to Arizona.

    Unfortunately, there do not appear to be any news media left in Arizona that are interested in anything but sex and violence. Repeated (dozens if not hundreds) of attempts to interest news media across the state in this story have been completely unsuccessful.

    We need to use the internet to inform Arizonans about the Governors destructive activities. Efforts are currently underway using facebook and twitter. Anyone willing to help should set up a facebook account (no charge) and become a “friend” of Dick Zimmermann. They will then be able to forward his posts to their contacts.

  3. You cant get any news support because nobody cares about the AHS. Thats why they have been able to get away with this.
    For the AHS to get rid of the volunteers who may irrate them then there is a story right there.
    Who would want to be a volunteer in that type of museum anyway. In any case you are about to find what it means to be involved in the AHS system. The volunteers wil just love it. What are you going to tour and who? Are your volunteers going to tour kids around some 5 "C"s exhibit? Where will the minerals be?
    You my dear sir and volunteers are about to be flushed down the toilet by the Governor and the director Woosley, you might as well fight to the end. Save your history in that museum and your honor. Its all you will have left.
    One hope is that they dont raise the millions they need to hire an out of state exhibits contractor and that they will run out of time. Not a lot of time left for an exhibit that big. You folks should be checking to see if the exhibits company has been working on it already? Have they done designs yet, labels etc. And by the way what artifacts are going to be used? And from what museums? In Papagp Park, or from Tucson. What artifacts best show fruit farming and tourism??lol

  4. If your volunteers dont go to the AHS Annual Meeting this Saturday and let their thoughts be known to the Board and membership and the media, then the Governor and AHS will have won. FIGHT! If you dont you can kiss your mineral museum goodbye.