Sunday, October 3, 2010

Will the Arizona Historical Society defy the Judge?

Note: See 10/3 correction at end of post.

The Historic League, Inc. is a fund raising arm of the Arizona Historical Society. On September 30th, they posted the following on

October 14th Tour Planned

“Join the League for the first tour of the season when we visit the Arizona Mining and Minerals Museum. The museum houses a collection of more than 3,000 gemstones, rocks, minerals and numerous exhibits which highlight the mining industry that helped build Arizona. It traces its origins back to the first Arizona Fair held in November of 1884. Under the direction of the Arizona Historical Society since July, it will soon be transformed into the Arizona Centennial Museum spotlighting Arizona’s five C’s. This is your opportunity to see the “before.””

The photo above accompanied the post.

This is not one of the architectural illustrations prepared by the sole source centennial museum contractor for the Governors February presentation. The source is unknown, but the content (or lack thereof) arouses concern.

Someone has edited a photo of the existing mineral museum, and taken out all of the historic mining artifacts that currently surround it. That is consistent with the intent of the Governor as stated in her February presentations and as illustrated by the contractor.

However, as explained in the August 15th post (Will the Arizona Centennial Museum comply with the law?), one of the provisions in the amended centennial museum bill was that:

  • All existing mineral museum items and artifacts would be retained, including the outdoor displays.

Furthermore, retired Arizona Supreme Court Judge and Arizona Centennial Commission co chairman Charles Jones promised that “the historic pieces of equipment and world class mineral and gem collection will remain prominently displayed”. (See July 30 post entitled “Was the Judge mislead about the Arizona Centennial Museum?)

Clearly, the above photo is not consistent with either the centennial museum law or Judge Jones promise.

Who prepared this edited photo?

Why were the “historic pieces of equipment” removed?

Does the History League intend to help the AHS and the Governor defy the Judge?

What is the basis for the History Leagues apparent assumption that the "transformation" will be an improvement? Have they seen plans for the Arizona Centennial Museum?

Correction: After this post was published, a long time mineral museum supporter identified the origin of the photo. It is from about 10 years ago, before historic mining artifacts were placed in front of the building. Trees in the photo but no longer on the site date the photo. The photo has not been edited.

Therefore, the appropriate question is not: why was the photo edited? The question is; why was a photo not including the items the Governor wants to remove chosen for the Historic League post? Was the selection of the old photo innocent, or does it reflect an intent to remove the mining equipment?

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