Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is the Arizona Historical Society misappropriating funds?

The 2012 Arizona Appropriations Report  includes this very specific statement in the section for the Arizona Historical Society:

The budget includes $589,700 and 1 FTE Position from the General Fund in FY 2012 for the Centennial Museum. These amounts are unchanged from FY 2011. This line item funds the operation and maintenance of the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum as part of the Centennial Museum.

That statement is consistent with ARS 41-827 (see May 10th post) which states that the centennial museum shall house the mining and mineral museum. However, the AHS is completely dismantling the mineral museum and disposing of its assets. According to their latest floor plan for the centennial museum (AKA Arizona Experience), nothing but a small 500 square foot mineral display will remain.

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