Thursday, June 16, 2011

No help for Arizona schoolchildren

Jun. 13, 2011, The Arizona Republic, Letters to the Editor

It is nice that a half-dozen companies have stepped forward to help former Gov. Rose Mofford save and relocate her collection of memorabilia ("Mofford: Thanks to many, memorabilia to go to Globe, Miami," My Turn, May 30).

Too bad none are offering to help Arizona students.

Mofford's collection occupied but a small corner of the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum. The rest of the building was filled with earth-science education programs that supplemented the mineral collection displays.

During the school year, several school buses arrived almost daily bringing third- and fourth-graders participating in a lifelong learning experience. Arizonans in their 50s still fondly remember their class field trip to the fascinating mineral museum.

How many early school days make such an impression? Apparently, Arizona children will be forever deprived of that experience. - Dick Zimmermann, Tempe

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