Monday, October 24, 2011

Historical Society Hypocrisy

In the center of the Arizona Historical Society’s website ( there is currently a link to Arizona Mineral Education  ( That site claims the historical societies new but thus far nonexistent Arizona Experience Museum is a “prominent resource” for mineral education.

On May 8, 2010, the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum had a grand opening for a new copper mine and plant diorama.  The 29’ by 20’ HO scale display showed and explained the operation of a modern copper mine, including the extraction of copper from ore and the processing of copper into wire.  The impressive, interactive exhibit was made possible by a $60,000 private grant to the popular and rapidly improving mineral museum and was designed and constructed by Sustainable Engineering, LLC.

Later in 2010, the AHS executed a hostile, political takeover of the mineral museum because they wanted the building for their new museum. In 2011, they fired the self-supporting staff and volunteers, terminated the education programs, and closed the mineral museum.

What did they do with the new $60,000 interactive copper mine diorama?

They refused to allow it to remain in the building.

Exactly what kind of exhibits does the AHS consider appropriate for a “prominent resource” in mineral education?

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