Monday, January 16, 2012

Freeport continues to push Arizona Experience Museum

The paragraph below indicates that as of last November, Freeport McMoran was still strongly supporting the failed Arizona Centennial (AKA Experience) Museum which has displaced the top rated and historic Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum.


Arizona Centennial Museum – is on hold in Phase II fundraising component.  We need another $800,000 to get us through February 14, 2012.  We are encouraging more cooperation to step up.  Once the February 14, 2012 event is done, we can reenergize the museum.  Based on the feasibility study that Freeport McMoRan is doing at the present time, we will be able to access moving forward.  We have not been able to enlist more corporations to help fund the museum.  We need $15,000,000 and at this point we could count on approx $3,000,000.  Since the museum is basically on hold at this point, the Governor’s office has asked us to do another project, which is the Arizona Experience website.  We are working with the Arizona Geological Survey and the Arizona Historical Society to build a website portal set to K – 12 curriculum standards and will be based on the concept of the “Arizona Experience Museum”.  We are working with STEM group.  Everyone has been very forthcoming, including the Arizona Office in Tourism, in helping us develop this website.  Our goal is to kick this off on February 14, 2012 and add more components monthly to the site.

Governor’s Tourism Advisory Council Meeting (TAC)
Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Audubon Arizona
3131 South Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona
Meeting Minutes, Page 4
Arizona Centennial – Karen Churchard

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  1. No museum but a web site? Look here comes the bus, who can we throw under!!... Maybe it was all a bad dream, it never really happened.
    So what happens in the museum building? A museum of some kind, a party rental place? Some other state agency looking for storage or offices?