Thursday, January 12, 2012

Signature Failure featured at Arizona Best Fest

The Arizona Centennial Best Fest Phoenix, a Signature Event of the Arizona Centennial Commission, is described as follows:

It's the Arizona party of the century! --- It's Arizona Best Fest Phoenix. The 'Best of Arizona' showcase is a traveling museum and mini 'Arizona world's fair'.  --- Discover Arizona as you've never seen it: History Pavilion; Military Pavilion; the Resolution Copper Natural Resources Pavilion; the APS display of Renewable Energy; the U of A Science & Future Pavilion; Shamrock Farms Family Fun Zone; a Hispanic Village with Zumba and traditional equestrian dancers; Giant's Native American Village ---; and the Discount Tire Western Town. --- Also a concert-sized Mainstage featuring --- big-name entertainers.  Feb. 11 & 12, on Centennial Way from 8th Avenue to 17th Avenue.
The former, top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum was at 15th Avenue and Centennial Way, right in the midst of Best Fest. The Arizona Historical Society and the Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation promised to replace it with their “number one signature project” and the “centerpiece” of the centennial celebration. The $15.7 million 5C Arizona Centennial Museum was to be “unlike anything in Arizona”.

Indeed it is.

Stripped of its name and contents, the empty mineral museum building will reek with the stench of failure right in the midst of Arizona’s centennial celebration. The AHS not only failed to produce the promised “centerpiece” of the centennial celebration, but managed to destroy a piece of Arizona’s unique mining heritage that traced its roots back to the 1884 territorial fair.

This is not just a failure. It is a 100 year failure, a true “signature failure”.

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  1. Are you listening mining companies? We know that Brewer does not care to read or listen, especially to the children , teachers, educators and voters of Arizona. Mineral shows like the Flagg Show and the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show bring in thousands of mineral enthusiasts and buyers. The students in this crowd will be your future employees and taxpayers.