Thursday, May 24, 2012

$4,000,000 for the Arizona Historical Society

from Senate Bill 1523, Second Regular Session, 2012:


 FTE positions 51.9

 Operating lump sum appropriation $ 2,031,100

 Arizona experience museum 441,400

Field services and grants 65,000

 Papago park museum 1,613,600

Total appropriation - Arizona historical society $ 4,151,100

Fund sources: State general fund $ 4,151,100


  1. 51.9 positions and several million dollars for their budget and yet nobody knows how many people actually see their museums?

  2. Why in the world do they need approximately 51 people to run about 5 museums. Have they not heard of volunteers? Tell Woosley to run a successful store and use the extra money made to pay some of her employees, just like the former mineral museum did.

  3. Isn't it curious how the Legislature and the Governor move money around to keep the AHS getting millions, but just couldn't do it for the Dept. of Mines and Mineral Resources. The truth is they wanted to get rid of ADMMR, which the Gov. did by giving pink slips to all of the employees and then later the Legislature had to clean up the mess. But first she gave the Mining and Mineral Museum to the Historical Society so they could help her get rid of it. That's how they got the building. Oh yeah, AHS now has 3 employees for the non-existent Experience Museum. Don't expect to find out what's really happening--it's a secret!!!