Thursday, May 31, 2012

Arizona Experience Museum staff grows

The formerly top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum never had more than one state funded employee. After the AHS gained control of the building for the Arizona Experience Museum, they eliminated the mineral museum. The building is locked and empty.

Although the AHS has raised no funds for the experience museum and has no schedule, they did hire a curator for the nonexistent museum. That curator is paid by Arizona taxpayers.

Now, the Arizona legislature is funding  (with tax dollars) 2 additional full time positions for the nonexistent Arizona Experience Museum.  The FY 2013 budget for the Arizona Experience Museum includes $441,400 plus 3 FTE (full time equivalent) positions.

As reported in the very first blog post, the mineral museum was purportedly eliminated to save money.  However, tax dollars are now being spent for an experience museum that does not exist.

Fiscal Year 2013 Baseline Book
January, 2012
Prepared by the JLBC Staff
Page 183
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  1. If the positions are to be funded, then what are the positions? Three positions for a museum that size would be interesting to see. No exhibits, no artifacts, no minerals, no public awareness of the facility. How did the AHS manage to get these jobs? And are we still waiting to find out how many taxpayers and visitors actually walk through the AHS facilities. We know how many walk through the AZ Experience Museum---none! Wake up AHS Board of Directors.

  2. The only way something this wasteful and fiscally unsound could continue to happen is with the consent of the legislature and governor. It's about time we get some honest answers and transparency from AHS, the Governor, and the Legislature which keeps pouring money into this fiasco. Collusion, Corruption, Cronyism, Concealment, and Cover-up are Arizona's operational 5 C's!!