Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ABC 15 continues investigation of mineral museum mess

ABC 15 is continuing there investigation into what happened to the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum and why. Their initial episode aired on February 14th, Arizona's Centennial. The second episode was broadcast on June 27, 2012.

ABC is seeking answers to the following questions:

Why was the mineral museum forcibly and abruptly closed when there was no funding for either a 5C Arizona Centennial Museum or an Arizona Experience Museum?

Why does the new Arizona Historical Society budget include nearly a half million taxpayer dollars for a museum that does not exist?

Why was staff hired for a museum that did not and does not exist?

Why are House bills to restore the mineral museum being killed?

Why will the Governor's office not answer questions?

The link to most recent ABC 15 broadcast is:

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  1. Boy, the more I read and learn about Arizona--and not just the MMM debacle--the less I am inclined to want to ever visit your state. Maybe the heat is cooking people's brains??? Your elected officials seem hell-bent on carrying out a pogrom of self-destruction. You are becoming the laughingstock of the nation. How sad. Arizona really is a beautiful state (I grew up reading "Arizona Highways").