Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AHS blows own bent horn

Recent history demonstrated that the AHS is better at destroying museums than creating them, but it still likes to boast about its self-perceived accomplishments. AHS staff members recently appeared on Tucson TV (Morning Blend) and bragged about their centennial projects. They failed to mention that their tent full of trinkets on Centennial Way was directly across the street from the gutted and stinking carcass of the former top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum.

The Morning Blend further claimed:
AHS collections not only provide premier resources for recounting Arizona’s past, but are invaluable tools for promoting public understanding of contemporary issues such as water availability, immigration, free trade, mining, ranching and agribusiness, the defense industry, cultural diversity, and urban development and revitalization.

How did hijacking and destroying the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum promote public understanding of mining?

Arizona Historical Society
The Morning Blend
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Thursday, Jul 5, 2012

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  1. I think they have completely given up on the old mineral museum building and wished they never heard of it at all. They never made mention of it on the video. I will say that their quilts were lovely (which the segment highlighted) and wondered if any of the 100 quilts showed anything on mining in our state or the beautiful minerals we are known for.