Monday, January 28, 2013

Arizona Historical Society historically challenged?

A retired editor and historian is having difficulty with the AHS. He expects that if the AHS produces history textbooks for Arizona schools, they should be accurate.  He is frustrated with what he perceives to be a lack of concern about accuracy.

Perhaps he does not understand the AHS perception of history.

An April 30, 2011 post on this blog described a Monday, April 18th, 1211,  KAET 8 interview of an AHS representative.  In that interview, the representative said that history is “about learning and imagining the future”. The statement supported the plan to erase history (mining and mineral museum) and replace it with an Arizona Experience Museum.

If the AHS does not recognize or accept the commonly understood definition of history, why would they be concerned about accuracy?

Textbook makers should tell schools about errors
Earl Zarbin
Arizona Republic, January 28, 2013, page B6

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