Saturday, January 19, 2013

Continued funding for Arizona Centennial Mueum

The recommended FY 2013 Arizona state budget ( still includes a separate line item of $410,500 for the non-existent Arizona Centennial Museum.  Continued funding, at the same level, is even recommended for FY 2014. Taxpayers may be used to getting little in return for their tax dollars, but will they accept nothing?

The $410,500 is apparently for rent payments on the empty building at 1502 W. Washington in Phoenix. The budget recommendation also includes continuation of the Arizona Historical Societies $1.5 million taxpayer funded payroll. Therefore, it appears that the AHS plans to continue paying the staff of three Centennial Museum employees  for the empty building that was once the nationally recognized and top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum.

If so, then Arizona taxpayers will be providing the AHS over a half million dollars a year for -------nothing!

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