Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Arizona Historical Society greed

For more years than anyone can remember, the mineral museum provided free tours for Arizona schoolchildren. It also provided free teacher kits consisting or rock and mineral samples and associated source material for lesson plans. They were prepared by volunteers using donated material.

The AHS eliminated the field trips by destroying the mineral museum. They are continuing to offer teacher kits, BUT the kits are much smaller and the AHS is charging exorbitant prices for them.

Why does the AHS (a state agency with a fat tax dollar budget) feel a need to gouge teachers? Do they need to prop up their bloated salaries? Are their cocktail bars not stocked to their complete satisfaction?

Arizona Historical Society “Classroom Kit Order Form”

Arizona Rocks and Minerals: $20
Custom Kit (Includes up to 30 rocks and minerals): $30

Note: The free kits provided by the former mineral museum included over 60 rocks and minerals.


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