Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guest Post - Letter to Senate

Senator Ableser

Thank you for introducing Senate Bill 1017 to restore The Arizona Mineral Museum.

When we heard you were doing this it renewed my faith that someone in Congress is listening to the people in Arizona.

When the Museum was closed by basically three people who did not know what they were doing (just acting on a dream and a whim), it affected many Arizona citizens and visitors from all over the country. School children, pre-schoolers and adults who used to visit the museum over and over to marvel at the displays. We never tired of looking and learning, for at each visit we would catch a new display(s). The museum had many things to offer; a knowledgeable staff, a large faithful volunteer group, a successful Gift store, classes led by excellent teachers. And each year an annual “Family Day” and “Prospectors Day” that introduced even more people to the treasurers that the museum had to offer. All this came to a halt when the doors closed on April 10, 2011. Now the building sits empty, unused, cold and alone. This does not make sense, the people want their Museum back. A place to meet, to have fun, to enjoy. Realistically, we know it will never be the same for most minerals and displays have been given away, or destroyed. But please give us a chance to show our youth Arizona's history again, in a fun and interesting Mineral Museum in that building in Phoenix.

Please forward this message to all our State lawmakers.

Everette and Judy Dixon
Glendale, AZ 85306

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