Sunday, March 24, 2013

Arizona Historical Society dabbles in science

In over a century, the AHS has never produced a top rated museum. In spite of multimillion dollar budgets, along with free rent, attendance at its museums is so pitifully low that they refuse to disclose attendance numbers.  Then, in 2011, a political anomaly gave them control of a top rated museum, the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum. That they promptly destroyed, along with its popular earth science programs for K-12 students.  Today, the building is an empty shell.

However, the AHS is still receiving the state funding that formerly supported the mineral museum. They are using it to conduct watered down science programs at, of all places, the Marley Center Museum in Tempe.  The Marley itself has such an ugly history of failure that the AHS does not even use its real name. They are promoting their “science” programs using the alias of the “AHS Museum at Papago Park”. The AHS is currently promoting a June 24th through June 28th event entitled; “Making Connections: Science and Social Studies”. Mixing science with social studies looks like an excellent way to firm up Arizona’s grip on last place (nationally) in science education.

How long will Arizona allow this nonsense to continue? This is not a responsible use of public funds.

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