Saturday, March 30, 2013

Arizona Historical Society’s ethics questioned

 Local news coverage of an AHS display (Silverbell artifacts) in Tucson has attracted the attention of the Doubtful News. The editor writes, in part, as follows:

You can’t blame the museum for wanting to cash in on the interest. But there is a lack of critical thinking here. Lost tribes of Israel? The Romans? In ARIZONA? Unlikely. And it feels icky to suggest there is something more mysterious to them. It feels unethical.

As far as I can tell, these have virtually ZERO credibility, no supporting evidence, and should have been displayed as a "famous hoax".

Perhaps the display is innocent, but anyone wishing to evaluate the ethics of the AHS should review the hostile takeover and destruction of the once top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum.  The original June 5th, 2010 post on this blog would be a good place to start.


Museum trying to cash in on Silverbell artifact popularity

March 7, 2013, By idoubtit

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