Wednesday, June 5, 2013

100,000 kids cheated

Three years ago, the initial, June 5, 2010 blog post documented the hostile takeover of the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum by the Arizona Historical Society. Although the mineral museum curator resigned shortly thereafter, self-supported employees and volunteers operated the mineral museum for nearly another school year. They served 50,000 children, half participating in class field trips and half brought by family members or friends. 

Then, the AHS abruptly closed the mineral museum, even though some school and scout field trips were still scheduled. The closing was irrational, since funds for the proposed replacement (Arizona Experience Museum) had not been raised.

The building has now stood locked and empty during the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years. One hundred thousand school children have now been cheated out of a unique and memorable learning experience. The AHS will not answer questions about either the museum or the mineral collection. Apparently, there are now no plans of any kind for the empty building.

Nevertheless, the AHS continues to receive approximately $500,000 in state funds each year for a non-museum. They even hired staff after the closure of the mineral museum.

One million dollars (thus far) for nothing!


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  1. Perhaps the real reason for closing the mineral museum was to sell off the contents, That would be a lot of $$.