Friday, June 21, 2013

Significance of AZ mining

A recent article in the Tucson Citizen describes the great significance of Arizona mining.  It briefly reviews the vital importance of minerals in modern life, the rich history of Arizona mining, and the economic importance of Arizona mining. It notes that Nevada is the only state with greater mineral production than Arizona. Finally, it described current Arizona mining operations in some detail.

How unfortunate that Arizona’s elected leaders and the Arizona Historical Society do not appreciate the obvious facts presented in this article. The pointless elimination of the once top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum erased a vital bit of Arizona history and was an insult to the mining industry.  It was also, as detailed in prior posts, a serious blow to K-12 science education.

Based on the facts succinctly outlined by Jonathan DuHamel in the Tucson Citizen, the museum should be restored.  Hopefully, the future will provide more enlightened elected leadership.

The value of mining in Arizona
by Jonathan DuHamel on Jun. 18, 2013, under Geology, Politics
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