Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A day of reckoning for the Arizona Historrical Society?

Prior posts reported on how the Auditor General failed to investigate serious problems in the Arizona Historical Society and how the JBLC committee, by a 5 to 2 vote, then voted to continue it for another 10 years. The House then passed a bill to extend the life of the AHS for another 10 years, the customary time before the next sunset review.

However, the Senate amended that bill to limit the extension to just two years.

Perhaps there will be some accountability for the many issues  presented on this blog for the past four years?

Arizona Historical Society soon could be history 
Laurie Roberts, The Republic | azcentral.com 11:09 a.m. MST April 22, 2014 

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  1. Thank goodness the Senate decided to hold AHS accountable for the problems that were found 10 years ago in a Sunset Review, and still exist today. This agency eats millions of taxpayer dollars, doesn't follow financial rules, has pathetic attendance records at their museums, and for our Centennial, shut down the historical Mining and Mineral Museum. The Senate did not close the AHS down, just forced them to be accountable--the House needs to do likewise!