Sunday, April 13, 2014

Letter to the Arizona Auditor General

The following letter was sent to the Arizona Auditor General 30 days ago. There has been no reply.

Debbie Davenport
Auditor General, State of Arizona
2910 N. 44th StreetSte. 410
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Dear Ms. Davenport,

As initially conceived, the Sunset Review process would assure taxpayers are provided some level of competence and efficiency in state government. However, the process depends on your office providing a complete and objective report for the review committee.

In the case of the recent AHS audit, your office failed. Multiple individuals provided the auditor with detailed information on serious problems within the AHS. All of it was ignored. The report was fluff, focusing only on very minor issues.

The enclosure is an FYI copy of the October 18, 2013 post on the blog Mineral Museum Madness. It is a letter that was sent to each member of the JLBC. Both your office and the AHS are not acting responsibly. The people of Arizona need to know that, and I will be pursuing every means possible to bring it to their attention.


                                                                                                Dick Zimmermann

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