Saturday, August 9, 2014

Funds for destruction?

The prior post described how the AHS is attempting to finalize the destruction of the mineral museum, and how they may obtain tax dollars to do so. Presumably, any of the options would include removal of the historic mining equipment still surrounding the building.

If the AHS does receive funding to finalize the destruction of a museum that was more successful than any that the AHS ever built,  the Arizona Joint Legislative Committee will be responsible.  The following table provides the names of JLBC members and their email addresses.

Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee
E-mail Addresses
The general format for reaching JLBC Staff via e-mail is
  first letter of the first name plus the last name

Representative John Kavanagh
Chairman 2013
Senator Don Shooter
Chairman 2014
Representative Lela Alston
Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford
Representative David Gowan, Sr.
Senator Gail Griffin
Representative Adam Kwasman
Senator John McComish
Representative Debbie Lesko
Senator Al Melvin
Representative Stefanie Mach
Senator Lynne Pancrazi
Representative Justin Olson
Senator Anna Tovar
Representative Michelle Ugenti
Senator Steven B. Yarbrough


  1. I would hope they don't remove the mining equipment but if they got away with it where in God's name do they put it. Probably that "dumping ground" of a memorial park in downtown Phoenix. Where they put the bronze of John Greenway which was ripped out of the US Capitol because John Driggs didn't his Arizona history. That "park" is filled with memorials that nobody wanted.

    1. The original centennial museum plan would have removed all of the historic and restored mining equipment and dumped the pieces on a pile in Bisbee.

  2. I would hope the director of that museum does not involved herself in the mess that Dr. Ann Woosley created.

  3. Does the Bisbee Mining Museum Board of Directors know of the museum director's views on this matter. Does she answer to them or the mayor and City Council? Dr. Ann Woosley's Board doesn't seem to care or have the power to have any effect on her---what about the Bisbee Mining Museum Board? are they allso in the dark about the potential dangerous move on the part of their director? At least it is rude to steal the artifacts of another museum. Bad form!