Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mean-spirited Arizona Historical Society?

Prior posts documented how the AHS slammed the doors in the faces of Arizona students scheduled for mineral museum field trips.  This unscheduled closure was purportedly necessary to accommodate construction of the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum.  In fact, there was never any money to begin construction of that museum.

The pie in the sky centennial museum plan then morphed into the even more bizarre Arizona Experience Museum which was to show that “history is about the future”. Not surprisingly, it also failed.
Next, as documented by the July 7, 2014 blog post, the AHS proposed having the 48 Women Group raise 10 million dollars to convert he building into a “public center” (cocktail bar for lobbyists?).  Apparently, that was also a seriously flawed plan that flopped.

The AHS however, does not quit after three strikes. More goofball plans are in the works, as evidenced by the following:

The Arizona Historical Society shall submit a joint report
with the Arizona Department of Administration to the
Joint Legislative Budget Committee on the options for use
of the now vacant Mining and Mineral Museum at 1502
W. Washington Street. The options may include, but are
not limited to, reopening the space as a museum,
converting the space into offices, or sale of the facility.
The report shall address the costs of each option. The
report shall also include both Arizona Historical Society’s
and the department’s recommended option. The report is
due on or before November 28, 2014.
Footnote, page 215, Arizona FY1015 Baseline Budget

So, over a half dozen plans for the building may eventually emerge.  They appear to have one basic assumption in common:

ANYTHING, absolutely anything, but a mineral museum.

The mineral museum was the children’s museum.  Why can’t they have it back?


  1. Looks like the office lights at the AHS will be burning late as they scramble for some kind of use for the building. It can't be another history museum because they already have one at Papago Park! And that building is so successful too with 6,867 visitors a year walking into the building!
    Looks like Woosley and Ponder will be doing some overtime between now and November. First time for that.

  2. Talk about not having any brains? So what is a Phd. in history good for then.

  3. Is it possible that they are just stupid rather than being "mean".

  4. It really is odd. Dr. Ann Woosley closes the Fremont House in Downtown Tucson which was a successful program with more attendance than the AHS gets on a annual basis. And was an historical building. Yet she blows time, resources and money for FOUR failed attempts at an empty building in Phoenix. Centennial Museum, 5 "C"'s Museum, Arizona Experience Museum, The 48 Ego Driven Womens Group, and I wonder what her out of control Board member John Driggs will dream up now.
    The deadline for this mess is November, just in time for the annual meeting of the Arizona Historical Society. Maybe if the Board of Directors of AHS has any backbone left they will ask for Ann Woosley's resignation before she makes a fool of the AHS and herself. The taxpayers are getting tired of this.

  5. I don't understand. If Arizona State Parks did things like this there would be a purge at the highest levels, or the Az State Library and Archives pulled a stunt like this the Az Legislators or JLBC would severe directors heads? So how does the AHS get away with this crap?? Maybe because nobody cares? Or the State government is used to them being stupid. Beats me!