Saturday, July 5, 2014

What the Arizona Historial Society destroyed

Although the mineral museum was a top rated museum (something the AHS never produced on their own despite a generous state budget) the AHS was intent on destroying it from the moment they gained control of it. Even if they had built the Centennial Museum, their high dollar, East coast contractor’s plans show that the mineral display would have been limited to just 500 square feet.

The presentation at the following link shows what the AHS destroyed. Clearly the designated 500 square foot area could not have begun to accommodate the successful mineral museum and its popular K-12 education programs. In spite of being directed, by state statute, to house the mineral museum with the centennial museum building, the AHS clearly never had any intention of doing so.

Why the AHS destroyed the mineral museum even when their Centennial Museum project failed is completely inexplicable.


Student field trip at mineral museum -

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  1. So Dr. Ann Woosley destroyed an entire museum just so she could open a small room of minerals in a museum that nobody visits. What kind of reasoning is that? Was it so she could open a Centennial Museum. ...That went well. Maybe it was for a Five "C"s Museum. ...Boy that went well too. (whoever gave her that ides needs to be fired..or maybe it was herself) Then there was the Arizona Experience Museum...another stellar idea. She is devoid of good ideas. Not a good trait for a museum director who makes $120,000 a year,
    So now she is stuck with an empty building, a mineral exhibit in one room of a museum that nobody knows about, she can't raise money and her board does not know how. What a great deal.
    Maybe the Governor can do something positive before she leaves office to set everything right. I am sure all of the candidates from both political parties will be briefed about this crime against the taxpayers. Then maybe something can be done after they take office.
    What is next for this building?