Monday, July 7, 2014

Did the 48 Women Group dump the Arizona Historical Society?

The April 6, 2014 post reported on how the AHS was planning to raise $10 million with the 48 Women Group and convert the mineral museum building into a “public center”.  According to a Phoenix Magazine article, former Phoenix mayor John Driggs was the spokesperson for this ambitious AHS project. The May 14, 2014 post reported that the AHS was planning to host a $50 a plate luncheon for the 48 Women to begin planning the grand new project.

How many of the 48 Women came to the luncheon?

How much money was raised?

If the project is on track, then why was John Driggs at the April 16 Arizona State Parks board meeting seeking support for the “future of the former El Zaribah Shrine Auditorium building located in the capital mall area of Phoenix.”  It is common knowledge that the Arizona Parks Service has no money.

Did the 48 Woman Group dump the AHS when they discovered the “public center” plan would cheat Arizona kids out of any chance to restore their museum (mineral museum)?

Note: The AHS now refers to the empty mineral museum building as the “former El Zaribah Shrine Auditorium.”  Do they really think that will make people forget about the AHS slamming the mineral museum doors in the face of kids on 3rd grade field trips?


  1. Is this the same John Driggs who when he was in Washington D.C. saw the statue of John Greenway and asked who is he? (Arizona is represented by John Greenway and Father E. Kino). He then had Barry Goldwater replace Greenway.
    So to have Mr. John Driggs state that the successful Mineral Museum be called the El Zaribah Shrine Auditorium may be just because he is stupid. After all he doesn't even know our state's history have to ask who is John Greenway. What a dolt.
    Here is some history for Mr.Driggs.......Destruction of the Mineral Museum, Centennial Museum,The Five "C"'s Museum, The Arizona Experience Museum, The 48 Women Party Central Headquarters.....and now Mr. Driggs asking the Az State parks for some kind of help. The State Parks Board meeting was not very clear. Certainly the AHS does not have the "first team" in the game. Time to take Driggs out. He is fumbling every play!.

  2. Dr. Woosley has got to think the John Driggs is an idiot. She must think the rest of the AHS Board of Directors are about the same.