Wednesday, October 28, 2015


There is now a new website dedicated to mineral museum education in Arizona. It is CAMMAZ at

The Coalition of Advocates for Mineral Museums in Arizona was established to promote mineral museums and mineral education across Arizona. However, its first  project is the restoration of the mineral museum in Phoenix and the K-12 earth science education programs. For that endeavor, CAMMAZ will be a positive force to compliment the negative publicity this blog focuses on the Arizona Historical Society and its outrageous behavior.

In addition to having a complimentary but somewhat different and broader mission than this blog, the CAMMAZ Wordpress platform provides some features the Blogger platform does not offer. Viewers will be able to subscribe to CAMMAZ, and CAMMAZ will be able to alert members when political action is required. CAMMAZ will also display a list of supporters to demonstrate that the people oppose the reckless and unexplained closure of the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum by the AHS.

Membership is free. All that is required is a desire to promote mineral museums and earth science education in Arizona. Please subscribe to CAMMAZ today and become a part of the ever growing effort to undo the damage caused by the AHS.

This blog will continue the muckraking mission of exposing the waste, lawlessness, and overall incompetence associated with the AHS.


  1. Great idea!! There are so many people who want the Mining and Mineral Museum reopened, and we almost got it accomplished last year. With all supporters banding together this should be our year! The Earth Science Museum, an Outreach Program started by former MMM supporters, has been successfully counteracting some of the harm done to teachers and students by the AHS. This group has designed hands-
    on educational experiences for students and these will become part of a reopended MMM. The incredible mining display that works, is still at the MMM building.
    Taxpayers--you have been paying the rent on an empty building for years--are we ready to fix this mess!!!

  2. The AHS Board of Directors need to fire Ann Woosley and her minion Bill Ponder. Part of your problem will be solved. She is the person most responsible.