Wednesday, October 14, 2015

No real interest in history?

The August 22, 2015 blog post includes a link to a rebuttal published by the AHS. At the conclusion of that rebuttal, the AHS requested meeting in person to discuss the issues based on a “mutual dedication to history”. In response, this blogger offered to  meet in front of the former mineral museum (1502 West Washington in Phoenix) to discuss preservation of the historic and functionally restored mining equipment still standing in front of the empty building.

The AHS declined.

Note: The Aug 23 blog post documents the many errors in the AHS rebuttal


  1. Guess they don't want to be near the scene of the crime?

  2. Meeting the Board President would be a waste. It seems he does not know a lot. Maybe Ann Woosley should meet you--after all it was all her idea to start this mess. Better yet why not meet with the Governor and Ann Woosley at the old Mineral Museum facility. That would be fun.
    But that would mean Ann Woosley actually leaving her office. Nope that won't happen.

  3. Maybe you should ask the entire AHS Board of Directors to meet with you at the entrance of the museum? Only they can fire Ann Woosley.
    Hopefully the Governor can too.

  4. On further thought my guess is that she would retire before things got too much more troublesome.

    1. With the salary she makes why leave. All that money and no real work.