Sunday, December 6, 2015

100 plus 30 equals 150?

The following was distributed to media across Arizona to expose the hoax being promoted with tax dollars.

The Society of Arizona Pioneers was founded in 1884 and changed its name to the Arizona Historical Society in 1971.  In 1984, it celebrated its centennial and published a 230 page book (Pioneer Heritage) commemorating its first 100 years. Then, just 30 years later in 2014, it celebrated its 150th anniversary. A sesquicentennial logo with a 150 in it was created. There was a special 150 item display and a celebration in Tucson.  Zachary Ziegler, of Arizona Public Media, published a 9/1/14 anniversary story after interviewing the collection manager. The AHS itself published a special edition of the Journal of Arizona History to commemorate its 150th birthday.

How can this happen? Shouldn’t a state historical society, that gets millions of dollars a year in public funds, be capable of scheduling its own anniversaries correctly?

Dick Zimmermann, Tempe, AZ


  1. "How can this happen?" Only the director of the Arizona Historical Society could do this. Do you think any other staff member would have the power to do this? And I would make a guess that the Board of Directors did not have the power also. What a way to run a taxpayer supported agency of the State of Arizona.

  2. There seems to be a pattern of reckless self-serving with no board oversight both in this issue, and in the senseless closure of the Mining and Mineral Museum when they had no money for anyone's legacy
    Surely AZ can do better than this!!!

  3. The AHS Board does not even vote for such things as putting a museum at the Rio Nuevo location and spending $1,400,000 for nothing as well as not voting for the take-over of the Mineral Museum in Phoenix. But they will vote on such important things as who pays for lunch.
    I suggest everybody go to "Board of Directors-Arizona Historical Society" as see what these people really do and vote for.

    1. Maybe they could vote for replacing the director. That would be a start. That director seems to be causing most of their problems.

  4. Either Sonnichsen is wrong or Woosley is a liar.