Friday, December 11, 2015

The time of the crime

Prior posts presented irrefutable proof that the AHS tampered with history. The claimed founding date for the AHS was inexplicably moved back from 1884 to 1864. The change was not a simple error. The founders, as well as the locations of the first meetings, were also changed.  There was definitely a carefully coordinated effort to rewrite history. Now, the only remaining questions are; who, when, and why?

The 2009 issues of the Arizona Historical Society’s Southern Arizona Chapter Newsletters reveal when the history books were cooked. The front page of the Spring/Summer issue correctly cited the 1884 founding date. Then, the Fall/Winter issue displayed and incredible inconsistency. At the bottom of page 2, there is a prominent “About the Arizona Historical Society” insert. It makes the bogus claim that the present day AHS was founded in 1864 by the territorial legislature rather than in 1884 (as the Society of Arizona Pioneers). This false claim was published in spite of the fact that a following page correctly stated that the 125th Annual meeting was being held on November 14, 2009.

Twenty years was added to AHS history in mid-2009. Coincidently (or not?) this was the exact same time that the AHS was engaging in secret meetings to plan a hostile takeover of the mineral museum and the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum boondoggle.

The blog Mineral Museum Madness has now exposed the what and the when of this fraud. It is time for the AHS Board of Directors (or perhaps the Senate?) to pursue the who and the why.

Note: As late as Dec 22, 2005, the AHS letter head proudly proclaimed "founded by Arizona pioneers in 1884".


  1. What is interesting is that this "new" date was just slipped in. if such an important piece of information was discovered by the director of the AHS you would think that there would be an announcement! It is a critical historical piece of information.No press release. No announcement at the Annual Meeting or at a lecture?
    I am figuring that Dr. Ann Woosley would have found this nut through the means of hours of research conducted in the AHS Library or by having the files brought to her office?
    Sounds like there is something going on here?

  2. I am sorry about the typo "nut" instead of "but". I will make it more clear. I could not see Dr. Woosley in the library at all. She never leaves her office.

  3. This should be easy to figure out. Dr. Sonnichsen had sources for his statements on his book on "Pioneer Heritage" about the date for the founding of the AHS. The founding date was well known and was public well before he wrote his fine book.
    As director of the AHS Dr. Woosley would have access to the files and archives of the library. Any citizen of Arizona has the same access.When research materials and books are looked at in the reading room of the AHS forms are filled out and there is a record of who used those materials. The same would happen if Dr. Woosley had the materials delivered to her office. (as the director that could probably happen) and again there would be a record of that.
    If Dr. Woosley found some "new" research at another research facility the same access records would be available.
    Dr. Woosley needs to show where she found out this new research data.

  4. I think what would be better is that Dr. Woosley told the AHS Board where she got this "new" information. Or maybe tell the Arizona State Legislators and the Governor? I bet they are interested.

  5. Pretty arrogant. To change the founding date of a State Agency without showing where she found the research data.
    I would figure the Governor would be interested.

  6. For an agency that sucks up millions of taxpayers money year, we should at least expect that they could keep track of their own history!!