Thursday, June 2, 2016

Uninformed AHS supporter

An uninformed AHS supporter placed the comment below on a May 30 AZGS post about difficulties with the AZGS – UA consolidation

Anonymous9:28 AM
Unfortunately, the voices were heard and enacted by one Gail Griffin, which resulted in a badly thought-out addition rushed onto the agency consolidation bill. All of this can be attributed to the whining and moaning of disgruntled MMM enthusiasts who hoped to wrestle the collections away from the nefarious Ann Woosley and the evil AHS. Be careful what you ask for, and whom you ask to speak for you.
That uninformed person should read Senator Griffins detailed plan for restoring the mineral museum: Implementation and Action Plan – Arizona Mining, Mineral & Natural Resource Education Museum -

The abrupt AZGS-UA consolidation is causing problems, but the museum transfer is not. Senator Griffin is not responsible for the current problems at the AZGS,

Would the uninformed AHS supporter like to debate the issue?

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  1. This guy is as uninformed as the AHS Board. They son't even get to vote for such things.